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When we are born, in our first breadth we are imprinted with the 'energy' of the universe, which is represented in our Solar System by the location of the planets. How we tick is based upon the placement of those planets and their relationship to one another. As the planets keep moving they form angular relationships to the positions of where they were at our birth. The scientists at MyLifeRhythms have created a mathematical model that measures the Force of our solar system based upon planetary angular relationships.  It has been 30 years of work to create a quantum physics approach that measure the 'energy' of the solar system as related to where the planets were at your birth. We calculate a value for each event that is occurring. Then, it is summed into a single daily value and plotted on the graph. The 'energy level' graphs produced help people navigate through life.

You will get to see the FORCE in the Sky and how it relates to you. Your individualized graphs of the life Force will show you when to push for what you want, take confident actions, or when the timing is not right and you need to conserve your energy.

The graph below illustrates what you get with your purchase. You will also get a DATA VIEW and you can even download the information to your personal calendar! So, grab your chart, and start getting what you want out of Life!



Scale on Left                                                                                           Scale on Right

You hover/click on the dots to see the daily values. You can also click &drag to zoom in.


Click and drag in the plot area to zoom in.

The blue line represents the mathematical summation for each day of the Sky FORCE.  The green line represents the summation for each day of how the FORCE relates to you personally, called Personal FORCE.


BIG DAYS are when FORCE values are greater than 1,000.

Some days the FORCE values are greater than 1,000. So whenever either the Sky FORCE or your Personal FORCE is greater than 1,000, pay  attention to the effects of this  strong energy.  Here is a quick idea of the combinations that occur and what it means:

SKY FORCE UP PERSONAL FORCE UP = Take strong actions!  When there are strong positive days, make decisions like a big purchase, i.e. car, house, or ask the boss for a raise. Go for it!

SKY FORCE DOWN PERSONAL FORCE DOWN = Retreat!  When there are strong negative days, Sky FORCE  and/or Personal FORCE at -1,000 or more, these are the days to retreat. Reserve you energy. Don’t push your agenda. You may find yourself having stress around you and challenges to face. These are days to accept being in the slow lane and avoid road rage. Good thing is, you will know when the time period is going to be over.

SKY FORCE UP PERSONAL FORCE DOWN = Enjoy!  If there is a strong positive Sky FORCE but you have a strong negative personal force, then enjoy the day, but know that decisions made may not be in your best interest  in the long run. This is like going to a sporting event and enjoying the excitement but ending up with a tummy ache from the junk food, or losing your voice because you yelled too much while rooting for your favorite team.

SKY FORCE DOWN PERSONAL FORCE UP = Slow Down! When you shine with strong Personal FORCE, but the Sky FORCE is against you, stay focused on your goals but expect slower progress. These are days when you can still move your agenda ahead, but your expectations should be tempered. The Sky Force may disrupt your desires. The public may not be in the mood to hear your next great idea. But, still put it out there.

REGULAR DAYS  are when FORCE values are between 0 and 1000.

There are many days that we find the Sky FORCE and the Personal FORCE below a value of 1,000. See the combinations below for examples of the energy for those days.

SKY FORCE UP PERSONAL FORCE UP = Take action. These are days that it is ok for you to advance your plans. Send that email, make that contact. Use these days to get stuff done! Don’t sit around and play video games.

SKY FORCE DOWN PERSONAL FORCE DOWN = Pull back. These are days that if you push for something it may not result in a positive outcome; just pull back. Don’t schedule that job interview for these type of days. Don’t overspend at the grocery store. Drive carefully, be aware of your surrounding. Relax if you can.

SKY FORCE UP PERSONAL FORCE DOWN = Flow with it. These are days to go along with the good nature of a positive Sky FORCE day, but not a day for you to push it. These are days when you can go to that social event, just don’t overeat or have more than one drink. Slow down a step in the constant hustle and bustle of your life.

SKY FORCE DOWN PERSONAL FORCE UP = Take it easy. These are days to use your energy in a positive way for yourself without expectation that everyone will be in agreement. You may need to ask twice, or speak to that customer service supervisor to get what you want resolved.

Knowing when to schedule things in your life and make those important decisions is paramount to a harmonious life path. Knowing when the FORCE is with you or against will be instrumental in successful outcomes.

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