The Force and You

We have moved from the interpretive world of astrology to the mathematical world of physics to measure the F.O.R.C.E. of our Solar System and how it relates to individuals to help you in your decision-making. F.O.R.C.E stands for Frequent Orbital Reactions' Calculated Energy model (FORCE).

Over the last 30 years our scientists have developed a way to use math and measure the FORCE of our Solar System planetary relationships. 

Here is a simple background of the FORCE and you.

When you are born, in your first breath, you are imprinted with the energy of the universe in that moment. You suck in 700 million photons in that first breath. By converting your birth date and place of birth to a ‘star chart’ we take a picture of where the planets resided at your birth. That is known as your Natal Chart. This is your solar system imprint, unique as your fingerprint.

From the place you are born, we adjust to Greenwich, England and take a snapshot of the sky and capture where the planets are positioned.

The following planets are used:

Sun – Moon – Mercury – Venus – Mars – Jupiter – Saturn – Chiron – Uranus –Neptune -Pluto

We use Chiron and Pluto because irrespective of current astronomers, they really do matter! The Planets in your chart are known a Radix planets.

Using a 360 degree circle, below is a sample of a persons planetary positions:

                  Sun : 231.0646055   
                  Moon: 359.6761881   
                  Merc: 213.0090183   
                  Venus: 277.4563316   
                  Mars: 166.7384538   
                  Jupiter: 110.4488475 R
                  Saturn: 225.0523453   
                  Uranas:   9.0727051 R
                  Neptune: 332.5846439   
                  Pluto: 279.7039043   
                  Chiron: 339.1384438 R

These become the target points to make the mathematical observations.

Just because you are born, it does not mean the planets stop moving. As they move through space they form angular relationships to each other in the Sky (Transit to Transit). These are known as T2T Events. . The T2T relationships reflect 'The FORCE' for all humans on earth at the same time. We call this the SKY FORCE.

On the Sky Force for All page, we provide you with the Sky Force of these T2T events

Also, when an angle from a sky planet to a planet(s) in your chart (Transit to Radix), this is known as a T2R Event. The T2R relationships reflect 'The Force' as it is applied to you.

Astrology is interpretive. Over a 30-year journey, our work resulted in moving away from interpretive study to a scientific approach. Our proprietary model mathematically measures 'The Force' for the T2T Events AND the T2R Events. All the Events for the day are summed up into two values, one for the T2T, and one for the T2R. The graph below shows how that plots out for a human for a 30 day period.  The Blue line represents the T2T (SKY FORCE), and the Green line represents the T2R (PERSONAL FORCE).  Good things happen when both lines are above zero.


As you will see by the graph above, the Sky Force and Personal Force are negative for December 30th and 31st and should consider laying low and not push their agenda. But, conversely, both the Sky Force and Personal Force are in their favor on January 6th. 

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