How It Works

How the Computer Calculates MyLifeRhythms

As we discussed on The FORCE and You page, the computer program developed measures the Force of the solar system planets and how they relate to you. We calculate the planets as they relate to each other in the sky called the Sky Force. Then we calculate all of the planetary relationships to an individual by using their birth date called the Personal Force

The simple example below shows you mathematical output that is used . You will see that all of the Sky Force and and Personal Force relationships have been constructed for the 1 day time period shown. The math values for each event are very specific for that moment in time based upon a number of factors like planet acceleration, speed, etc. Please see the Stockpro Model page for more information regarding some of the variables that are used to determine the value for a single event.  As you can see, this is not a good day for the sample individual to push their agenda. Though the Sky Force is positive the Personal Force is not in their favor.

There are 30 years of physics and over 1 million lines of code regarding how the math is derived, but we will not bore you here; you can contact us for further explanation. Please see 'What you get' for an example of output which will be available to you.

We just need a bit of information to let Nature help you make your life decisions.

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