The Z Dimension and Your Chart

Stephen Wendel is the founder of Stockpro Technologies Ltd. The company develops intellectual property based on quantum physics for stock trading and individual decision support tools. The blog posts contain general discussions of over 30 years of applied science topics. F.O.R.C.E. (FORCE) refers to our Frequent Orbital Reactions' Caluclated Energy model.

The Z Dimension

Each planetary angular relationship has a different magnitude of impact based upon the discovery of the Z dimension.  This is a story of how Z was discovered.

As I moved from the interpretational view of astrology towards a scientific approach, I spent many years applying analysis to baseball players, since this provided a study where we could essentially remove the concept of free will from the equation.  You can read about the baseball period of the 30 year journey at How It Works – Stockpro Model. This article extends that discussion focusing on the discovery of the Z dimension.

There are two primary concepts to know. First, when the planets in the sky form an angular relationship to the planets in your chart this is known as a transit. There are Transit to Transit relationships (sky to sky) and transit to natal chart planets called Transit to Radix. Secondly, there is a concept called Rulership. Each planet ‘rules’ one or more Zodiac signs. For example the Sun rules the sign of Leo.  A complete Rulership list can be found at How it Works- Stockpro Model.

In conventional Astrology, when you have your chart done, the Astrologers may say “You have Saturn Trine your Sun”. The first question is always ‘What does it mean?’  First, Saturn represents structure; a Trine means it is forming a 120 degree relationship from the Sky to your Natal Sun position and generally considered a positive angular relationship. Your Sun represent your ego and the ‘self’. The determination of what Saturn, a Trine, or your Sun represents are based upon people observing the heavens for the last 10,000 years, and the interpretive ‘meaning’ has evolved from historical lore. You can go to any free Astrology site and obtain a multitude of similar interpretations of Saturn Trine Sun. But, generally, it means that when structure supports self, we are more likely to achieve peak performance that generally last 7 days.

After moving to Texas in 1983, I got involved in baseball cards and realized that maybe one could study the human experience without ‘free will’ based upon the performance of ball players. By predicting a baseball players performance before the season started, I could buy baseball cards cheap in the spring and make a profit by the end of the season. If they had success, I made money.

 Finding the Z dimension. What confronted me was that every ballplayer who had the same positive event occur (i.e. Saturn Trine Sun) should have equal performance success. But they did not. It took hundreds of thousands of observations to first find times when the same events could be isolated. Since there are usually multiple events going on, it was like finding needles in haystacks to align a 5-7 day period of time when Saturn Trine Sun was the only major event happening in a players chart. This took years, but slowly data sets were developed where I had specific planetary relationships isolated for many ballplayers across 100 years of historical data and evaluate the performance.  

Though an even amount of Home Runs was expected, it did not materialize. Some investigation took place when the concept of Rulership was added to the performance evaluation.  This addition proved to be a key to evaluating player performance. What was taken into consideration was to see how many planets did the player have in the Zodiac Sign ruled by the natal planet being transited. In our example it was Saturn in the Sky was transiting the Sun in the chart and the Sun rules the Zodiac sign of Leo, we counted the number of planets the player had in Leo. In 1984-1985, analysis for 11,250 players over 100 years of available historical data was completed.  I burned up many dot matrix printers that printed up to 10 hours per day for months to get the output needed to review. Using our Saturn Trine Sun example and from the Planet-Sign Rulership where the Sun rules the Sign of Leo, the table below reflects the 667 instances of isolated Saturn Trine Sun events. Meaning, 667 times a Saturn Trine Sun event could be isolated for different players. Then the number of planets in the Sign of Leo were correlated. The number of Home Runs hit during that period of time was the key measure used. Other stats like Batting Average, On Base Percentage and Strike Outs did not provide stable quality measurements. Home Runs stood out.

SATURN TRINE SUN (which rules Zodiac sign Leo) – HOME RUN AVERAGES

Number of Planets in Leo, ruled by the Sun

Number of Players

Number of Home Runs –Average























As the table reflects, the more planets a player had in Leo in their natal chart, the more Home Runs on average the players hit.

The conclusion was that when a transiting planet formed an angular relationship to your natal planets, the magnitude of impact of that event is based upon the number of planets in the sign ruled by the planet that was being ‘hit’ in the chart. I called it the ‘Z dimension’.  X was the planet in the Sky, Y was the planet in your natal chart being ‘hit’, thus Z was the magnitude of impact.

After a couple of more years of doing exhaustive isolated event analysis it became clear that Z was a predominat factor in the performance of baseball players season. Slowly I was able to quantify all of the positive transits occurring, offset by any negative transits occurring, with Z being the differentiating factor in performance.  Given the available computer horse power of 1985, it was like keeping a three dimensional chess game going in your head.

On a personal basis, knowing the Z dimension for each of the planets in your chart is a major key to knowing how you tick. So many times I have clients tell me how a particular day in the year is always so hard for them. When I look at their chart, I usually will see that on that day each year, the Sun in the sky is transiting a planet in their chart with a high value (usually 3 or more) Z dimension Rulership  going on. I tell folks that Z can make the difference in having a situation result in a bruised shin versus a broken leg. Thus, though each of us experiences the same types of transits, we each absorb the impact differently adding to our uniqueness. Therefore, if you use the planets to support your decisions in life, the Z dimension is paramount to include. As noted on our website, we successfully bought and sold baseball cards for many years using the Z dimension as our key parameter.

We see the Z dimension at work every day in the news. A normal negative Sun alignment to Mars may manifest in a family tragedy reported in the news. A negative Sun alignment to Mars with high Z magnitude may manifest in a global tragedy reported in the news. Our work has always been about measuring the FORCE and not attempting to predict the manifestation. We are just observers.

Though most of us are not professional ball players, most of us would like to hit Home runs in our daily life. As we built our computer models for stock trading and for individual decision support tools ( and the mathematics behind each event incorporates the Z dimension. This is one of many factors as to why the success of our clients continues.

This distinction of being able to clearly understand the magnitude of the planetary relationships fundamentally changed the way of evaluating the FORCE.


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