The Physics Behind The FORCE

Stephen Wendel is the founder of Stockpro Technologies Ltd. The company develops intellectual property based on quantum physics for stock trading and individual decision support tools. The blog posts contain general discussions of over 30 years of applied science topics. F.O.R.C.E.  (FORCE) refers to our Frequent Orbital Reactions' Caluclated Energy model.

Physics 1A

Our work with baseball players and the first computer models relating planets and stocks proved the thesis that there was a relationship between planetary alignments, but what Force were we measuring?

It is not the intent to compose a treatise of theoretical physic arguments when one is working on an applied model in the real world to make money.

The discussion below reflects exhaustive as in, I was tired all the time, summary of research within the spectrum of known physics to result in proof that a single FORCE exists, is measurable, and applied to our three dimensional world. Also, the years of research behind examining the theories of brilliant minds of former and current physicists’, required a degree of mind bending intellectual calisthenics which, pray tell, one would never want to burden upon a fellow human. 

The conventional scientific theories classify the known forces as follows:

  • The strong interaction is very strong, but very short-ranged. It acts only over ranges of order 10-13 centimeters and is responsible for holding the nuclei of atoms together. It is basically attractive, but can be effectively repulsive in some circumstances.
  • The electromagnetic force causes electric and magnetic effects such as the repulsion between like electrical charges or the interaction of bar magnets. It is long-ranged, but much weaker than the strong force. It can be attractive or repulsive, and acts only between pieces of matter carrying electrical charge.
  • The weak force is responsible for radioactive decay and neutrino interactions. It has a very short range and, as its name indicates, it is very weak.
  • The gravitational force is weak, but very long ranged. Furthermore, it is always attractive, and acts between any two pieces of matter in the Universe since mass is its source.

I postulate that there is yet another force that combines the conventional wisdom.

The distance from each planet is too far for the strong force, the weak force, and gravitational forces. Though our moon is close enough to affect the tides on Earth, gravity falls apart around Jupiter based on the math.  Thus, something else is holding the Universe together.

We are left with the electromagnetic force. Our calibrations of the Sky events (when two planets form angular relationships in the sky to each other) are examined at 9 digits to the right of the decimal point for accuracy that is not even used by NASA. The force we are measuring must be traveling faster than the speed of light since the precision of our measurements dictates planetary influence in real time. It has just been recently that scientists have concluded cosmological actions may occur faster than the speed of light. I am heartened that the science community is catching up to what I have been computer modeling for the last 20 years and applying to the real world.

A early mistake I made around 1990 was rejecting Newton out of hand. Since Newton’s Law of gravity failed we also had examined and discounted his law that Force equals Mass times Acceleration or F=MA. The theory was if F did equal MA, then only Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system calibrated mass would be the only planet that mattered. But, from our results, we new better. Later, we would incorporate density, change Newton’s formula, mathematically verify we are right, and request the Nobel in Physics and Economics simultaneously. But that is for another blog post.

For 20 years the constant quest for figuring out what the hell we were measuring dragged on until around 2008. We have studied the crap out of Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, examined so many of the electromagnetic fields, atomic and sub atomic energy fields, cosmological fields, we were exhausted. Slowly it became clear that all science was headed towards the same thing, an unseen universal Force that permeates everything.

Physical science is stretching intellectual comprehension with the practical and theoretical studies. There are so many brilliant minds working in the quantum mechanics, astrophysics and Grand Design areas these days, this blog would be hundreds of pages long if we even attempted to summarize a fraction of the mathematical theories and equations which folks are using to enlighten us on the workings of the Universe.

Whereas above we discussed how the area of known Forces of the Universe only left us with the conclusion that whatever we are measuring in our computer model must be within the electromagnetic force for the reasons stated, what if we go for the grand prize and see how to combine all Forces.

The realms of theoretical Cosmology, how the Universe works, and quantum physics, the study of the basic building blocks of everything in our 3D existence will rattle anyone’s brain.  You have science attempting to peer back to the beginning of time while simultaneously attempting to collide particles together to find the GOD particle.

The pushing of the envelope by the sciences postulates that down in the sub sub atomic level the particles appear to be recreating instantly out of ‘Nothingness’.

Additionally, the cosmologists are stating the expansion of the Universe is due to something from ‘Nothingness’, which is now considered the growing/expanding of the Dark Energy field.

To transcend this discussion slightly, when you study Eastern mysticism and spirituality, it is postulated that once you have achieved a meditative state of true bliss, completely emptied your mind, you end up in ‘Nothingness’. Makes you wonder when the science community and the spiritual communities will actually come together.

The sequence below shows the present day thinking  (including the Standard Model) which ranges of quantum physics areas from sub sub atomic  to the ethos of cosmology.

Nothingness –Boson/Quarks -Muons/Gluons – Photons - Electrons –Neutrons – Protons – Atoms – Molecules – Planets - Stars – Galaxies – Dark Structure – Dark Matter –Dark Energy - Nothingness

Notice how Nothingness is at both ends of the spectrum. What if the true underlying Force we were measuring was of this nothingness? Unseen, at all level of existence, appears instantaneous when measurements of our Solar System are taken

Lets add up a few factors.  Out of the nothingness boson/quarks are instantaneously recurring with the Strong Force allowing them to adhere to each other to form the Muons and Gluons which then grow up to Atoms along the scale presented. There are a whole bunch of other sub atomic particle types out there but we want to keep this illustration simple. Then, as we dig deeper in the composition of the Universe, we have learned that space is not empty. There are fields that permeate space. The photon field is one of them, but photons are large compared to the more subtle stuff now being described a dark energy and dark matter.

Combine the 2 thoughts, what if the Nothingness from where the Quarks arise from is equal to the Nothingness from which dark energy is created? This would be the Force that permeates everything in the Universe. It would have to be everywhere at all times. Meaning, without our ability to detect it, how do we know that some SuperNova happening thousands of light years away does not have some level of resonance to our Galaxy when it went SuperNova, not just our examination of the X-Ray transmission we observe thousands of years later.

If you recall in the 70’s when it was postulated about chaos theory, that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon caused Iowa rain showers. Same concept but at a Universal level. The effects of that SuperNova on our Galaxy is not necessary instantaneous due to the distances, but as we have discussed before, once a wake has been created in this Universal Force due to some thermonuclear event, it will flow until it dissipates. Thus, if we could measure the dissipation rate of that SuperNova, then maybe it does or does not have an effect on our Galaxy.

Take this concept of a unseen Universal Force and apply it to our local space of our Solar System. As the planets travel through space, they are creating wakes in this unseen energy field. Think of it as the wakes of two boats on a lake.  From our earth perspective, the measurement of the Force which our model calculates is nothing more than the collision of the wakes as the impact Earth. Our models prove that the pressure of the planetary alignment Force affect our existence at very precise period of time we call ‘event horizons’. We proof of measurement it in stock market behavior and human activities such as gambling, baseball players performance, and a host of other observed circumstances. We do not have it down yet for earthquakes or hurricanes, these appear to be Earth generated events.

By combining the underpinning Force that grow up to be atoms, and the single universal force, then we have the Einstein theory of a Unified field solved. We have coined the universal force Zeon.

Science has recently postulated that the know universe is made up of over 70% is Dark Energy,  25% Dark Matter and the rest is what we call matter which includes from the smallest concepts of Hydrogen atoms on up.

We are left with an interesting position. Dark Energy occupies the space between ‘stuff’ like Dark Matter or sub atomic particles or what is between nucleus of atoms and the surrounding electrons.  Plus the expansion of the Universe being attributed to the expansion of Dark Energy, then the unseen Force , Zeon, is where sub sub particles come from and where Dark Energy’s growth to support the redshift (expanding) Universe comes from. Carry it a step further, and Zeon will explain where all the ‘stuff’ (stars and associated visible electromagnetic energies) goes when it ‘falls’ into a black hole. 

If matter is created sub atomically out of Nothingness (Zeon) and Dark Energy is being created cosmologically out of Nothingness (Zeon) and by observing the phenomena of Black Holes falls back into Nothingness (Zeon), then it stands to reason the Zeon is the interconnecting Force of the Universe, which if measured, would provide the proof of the Grand Unified Theory and  SuperUnified theories simultaneously.  The efforts and our mathematical results and the applied science aspects of the Model are said required proof.

Although the above discussion indicates that the fundamental forces in our present Universe are distinct and have very different characteristics, the current thinking in theoretical physics is that this was not always so. There is a rather strong belief (although it is yet to be confirmed experimentally) that in the very early Universe when temperatures were very high compared with today, the weak, electromagnetic, and strong forces were unified into a single force. Only when the temperature dropped did these forces separate from each other, with the strong force separating first and then at a still lower temperature the electromagnetic and weak forces separating to leave us with the 4 distinct forces that we see in our present Universe. The process of the forces separating from each other is called spontaneous symmetry breaking.

There is further speculation, which is even less firm than that above, that at even higher temperatures (the Plank scale) all four forces were unified into a single force. Then, as the temperature dropped, gravitation separated first and then the other 3 forces separated as described above. The time and temperature scales for this proposed sequential loss of unification are illustrated in the following table.

Loss of Unity in the Forces of Nature


Forces Unified

Time Since Beginning

Temperature (GeV)*

All 4 forces unified

Gravity, Strong, Electromagnetic, Weak



Gravity separates (Planck Scale)

Strong, Electromagnetic, Weak

10-43 s


Strong force separates (GUTs Scale)

Electromagnetic, Weak

10-35 s


Split of weak and electromagnetic forces


10-11 s


Present Universe


1010 y


*Temperature Conversion: 1 GeV = 1.2 x 1013 K

Theories that postulate the unification of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces are called Grand Unified Theories (often known by the acronym GUTs). Theories that add gravity to the mix and try to unify all four fundamental forces into a single force are called Superunified Theories. The theory that describes the unified electromagnetic and weak interactions is called the Standard Electroweak Theory, or sometimes just the Standard Model.

Grand Unified and Superunified Theories remain theoretical speculations that are as yet unproven, but there is strong experimental evidence for the unification of the electromagnetic and weak interactions in the Standard Electroweak Theory. Furthermore, although GUTs are not proven experimentally, there is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that a theory at least like a Grand Unified Theory is required to make sense of the Universe.  Given the results of our model measurement of the FORCE we believe we have mathematical proof that the Grand Unified and Superunified are no longer theories, but are measurable and provable. Nothing else can explain our success.


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