About MyLifeRhythms

This website, MyLifeRhythms.com, is a wholly owned subsidiary of StockPro Technologies Ltd.

Over the past 30 years the founders of StockPro have developed a mathematical model that calculates the "FORCE" present in our solar system. Moving from interpretive Astrology to a scientific Physics model, MyLifeRhythms.com uses the mathematics from the company's model to provide our clients with a graphical view of the FORCE, as it relates to them based upon their individual birth data provided.

Stephen Wendel, Managing Director, has over 30 years of financial systems, application development, and astrophysics expertise. He has led the company in developing a leading edge approach to financial and individual timing techniques, including a stock trading model has a proven track record with 70% accuracy. You can learn more about  the stock trading at www.mystockwins.com.  He has also provided countless individuals with advice for timing of personal events and major life decisions. MyLifeRhythms.com is an extension of this knowledge focused on providing individuals the ability to optimize their life choices.

For very specific personalized times to try your Luck, visit our sister site www.MyLuckyTimes.com and find out when you are going to be Lucky.

We strive to provide our clients with quality information as to when the best time is to 'use the FORCE' in their favor for moving down their path of life.

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