Know When To Take Action

We are all born with an ‘energy’ fingerprint. We all experience the undeniable Force of the planets moving through space.  At times, the Force is in harmony with our fingerprint, sometimes it is a bumpy ride.  After 30 years of scientific research, MyLifeRhythms measures the Force and relates it to you. This amazing discovery will give you the map you need to succeed.

Don't live Life Randomly.  Know when to confidently schedule important meetings, social events and business in your life.

With the power of MyLifeRhythms, everyone can easily predict when to act for success in their relationships, careers, and lives.

  • What You Get

    Premier individualized decision timing advice for traversing your life's ups and downs.

  • Get the Sky FORCE for FREE

    The Sky FORCE for all shows you how the 'energy' of the planets are affecting everyone. See the next 30 days here.

  • See our Sochi Olympic Analysis

    Check out the MyLifeRhythms for some top Sochi competitors!

  • How Our System Works

    Use the mathematics of the FORCE of planetary relationships to navigate your life path.  Our system is not 'interpretive' but based on science.


Most people are going through life without any sort of map. MyLifeRhythms is the map that will help you get what you want. By knowing when to push for what you want, and by knowing when to 'chill' out, you will have a far more succesfull Life. Why buy a new car or clothes on a day when the Force is against you and have it just turn out poorly. MyLifeRhythms will benefit you in knowing when to act. Without it, you are wasting your energy if the Force is not with you. There is no other product in the world that can help you out more than MyLifeRhythms to time your choices whether they are small, like a simple sales call, or big, like planning a vacation or a wedding. Start acting on your dreams today.

 *F.O.R.C.E stands for Frequent Orbital Reactions' Calculated Energy model (FORCE).